Death of Classical brings music to life in the most unexpected of places

Source: Byzantine Choral Project

The Byzantine Choral Project takes us to a forgotten era in this audio installation

All images courtesy ‘The End of the Day’

A simple phone experience helps us stare off into the sunset

Solve the case of a missing socialite without leaving your living room

Claire Makova, wealthy socialite, philanthropist, and founder of Save the Kittens (a volunteer group who go out onto the streets of Molvaria to save stray cats and find them good, loving…

Live In Theater takes its brand of interactive mystery entertainment online

All images courtesy dotdotdot

Dotdotdot partners with Jeff Wayne to bring the science fiction classic to life through theatre and technology

All photos © Secret Cinema — Luke Dyson

Travel back in time to the world of Netflix’s hit show

How an immersive show transformed this Muggle into his inner wizard

This Is Not A Theatre Company’s new blindfolded work fails to satisfy

Edward Mylechreest

Brit in NYC, trading the West End for Broadway, and still misspelling theatre apparently

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